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Using plastic water bottles and our need for plastic is the first issue we’ll address here. WATER is LIFE and we are the stewards for this Earth and her inhabitants.


throw-away-trashFirst, thank you for wanting to be a part of the solution to this urgent situation with WATER and POLLUTION!  Many folks still use a plastic water bottle or straws or plasticware … only ONCE and then throw it away! It feels like it must be time to WAKE UP … look around our World and see what’s happening. There are still many unaware and unconscious people on this planet …  we just need to look around  at how the oceans are suffocating and life is dying, from our trash and our plastic bottles and waste!

Please help with the “little things” too, teaching children to be respectful and kind is a priority!  We offer suggestions and we’re sharing about HOW to “Make a Difference”.  It takes each one of us to make a change, and together we can!

What can I do? 
CBC News Published on Apr 6, 2018
Ever wonder what’s lurking in your bottled water? Marketplace asked a lab to test five of the top-selling brands of bottled water in Canada, and microplastics were found in all of them.

Be aware of HOW MUCH WATER used when we do laundry, bathe or whatever! Amazing how much one can SEE when looking! Help us to “Make a Difference” please.

water usage


Did you know about the the 10 easy ways to use less plastic?

less plastic


Do we really need to use plastic bags?

marine life1. Plastic bags pollute our land and water.
2. Plastic bags are made from non-renewable resources and contribute to climate change.
3. Plastic bags never break down.
4. Plastic bags are harmful to wild and marine life.
5. Plastic bags are harmful to human health.
6. Plastic bags are costly to pay for and to clean up after.
7. Plastic bags are not easy to recycle.
8. Plastic bags have external costs.
9. There are better alternatives available, and jobs to go with them!



Did you know what it takes to make plastic-ware?









Did you know that drinking water at the correct time maximizes its effects?



What can we do about all this waste?

Encourage local communities and those of your friends and family to actively participate in Reducing, Recycling, Reusing, Repurposing, Redistributing and Renewing!

*SHARE WITH OTHERS* ~ let’s keep the dialogue going, we must act NOW. Please share this and any research you’re finding back with us. Thanks & Blessings. *TEAM

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