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Water that changes from  H2O and is structured becomes oxygenated H3O2 with an Exclusion Zone.

While the research from the experts listed here clearly show the differences. We must agree that it looks and acts different and the findings are astonishing. We rely on the scientists and researchers to interpret what this means, how the properties of the water change and what that means for us, our health, people of the World and the planet.


This is the latest interview between Dr. Gerald Pollack and BiotiteH3O2 (Owen Mullen, Jim Robicsek and Star Alexander). This conversation explains and expands on questions like “What is the difference between H2O and H3O2? What is EZ water, Structured water, Liquid Crystal Water, etc..”.

structured water H3o2SBE Team  took the approx. 1 & 1/2 hour interview and broke it into 4 parts for easier reference and viewing.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awxeClRkA-A&t=1s



Video of Dr. Gerald Pollack with Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan  Published on Jun 3, 2018


What is Themarox (Biotite Ionic Mineral Solution) and how can it clean polluted water?

Fascinating article/interview with Dr.  Shimanishi. We just re-read this amazing article about radioactivity and water pollution from Dr. Shimanishi. It’s about Black Mica and their results in Japan. It’s truly worth the read! ___dr._shimanishi_interview

Here’s an excerpt from the article: “SO WHAT DO WE DO TO MAKE THIS WATER BETTER?”

First and most importantly we have to engage in a subtraction business of removing only villains from the water. There are 5 steps of subtraction we need to do.

1. To remove those that cause water to lose clarity, namely insoluble substances.

2. To kill dissolved germs.

3. To remove rotten organic matters dissolved in water (biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) type). These organic matters can come from both meats and vegetables.

4. To remove artificially developed synthetic substances like petrochemicals that did not actually exist in nature. This for example includes such thing as synthetically made detergents.

5. Lastly to remove heavy metals, such as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium.

When you do a thorough job of these 5 steps of subtraction, we create purified water or distilled water.”


World Health Organization Issues Reverse Osmosis Water Warning.

WHO“What is alarming is that consuming reverse osmosis water for even just a few months can create serious side effects. “The effects of most chemicals commonly found in drinking water manifest themselves after long exposure.” However “only a few months exposure may be sufficient ‘consumption time effects’ from water that is low in magnesium and/or calcium. Illustrative of such short-term exposures are cases in the Czech and Slovak populations who began using reverse osmosis-based systems for final treatment of drinking water at their home taps in 2000-2002. Within several weeks or months various health complaints suggestive of acute magnesium (and possibly calcium) deficiency were reported. Among these complaints were cardiovascular disorders, tiredness, weakness or muscular cramps.” Again, serious side effects within just several weeks or months.

But it gets even worse. Because reverse osmosis water doesn’t have enough minerals, when it is consumed, it also leaches minerals from the body. This means that the minerals being consumed in food and vitamins are being urinated away. Less minerals consumed plus more minerals being excreted equals serious negative side effects and big health problems. In a scientific study performed to see if minerals consumed in food can make up for the lack of minerals in reverse osmosis water, scientists concluded that “reduced mineral intake from water was not compensated by their diets…low-mineral water was responsible for an increased elimination of minerals from the body.”

“It has been adequately demonstrated that consuming water of low mineral content has a negative effect on homeostasis mechanisms, compromising the mineral and water metabolism in the body.” Consumption of reverse osmosis water “leads to the dilution of the electrolytes dissolved in the body water. Inadequate body water redistribution between compartments may compromise the function of vital organs. Side effects at the very beginning of this condition include tiredness, weakness and headache; more severe symptoms are muscular cramps and impaired heart rate.”


BiotiteH3O2 Liquid Crystal Minerals creates EZ Water

Our product – BiotiteH3O2™ was tested at the Pollack Water Research Laboratory at the University of Washington. The resulting graph displayed the characteristic 270nm wavelength spectrometer spike, indicating that it is H3O2 (EZ water.) For more information on how this test is performed, see Dr. Pollack’s book: The Fourth Phase of Water.

  • EZ water has a spectral waveband peak in the 270 nanometers or UV region. The more water absorbs this light the higher the EZ presence in water. This highlights the importance of cellular exposure to sunlight in health (sunlight energy that is absorbed or penetrates inside the body to the EZ water in cells, and builds negative voltage in the cells).
  • EZ water has no resistance. This accounts for rainwater falling at 10 times the speed of any object in air, and that EZ water in a pipe has little or no resistance.
  •  EZ water is the main component of blood and this is why blood can move effortlessly through tiny capillaries with a diameter small than the red blood cells, due the EZ water having no resistance. The cardiovascular system also is assisted by radiant energy from the sun and this assists with blood flow that is 95% EZ water.
  • EZ water is denser than H2O.
  • All proteins have a sheath of EZ water around them.
  • Cell health is a function of the presence and voltage capacity of the EZ water.
  • EZ water is more viscose than bulk water. Egg white is highly viscose due to the presence of EZ water.
  • The refractive index of EZ water is at least 10% higher than H2O, ie. capacity to bend light.
  • The human body is constantly trying to discharge positive voltage/charge through urine, feces, perspiration, physical contact of human skin with the Earth or vegetation, etc. and maintain high negative voltage in cells.
  • Plants constantly have their roots in a negatively charged soil, and this charge is sustained by rainwater and microbial activity, and diminished through chemical fertilizers.
  • The best sources of EZ water is from glacial water, deep groundwater, natural springs, pristine river water and rainwater (in unpolluted air).
  • There is no connection between EZ water and alkaline water in terms of cell health.

“I began to think about water in the context of biology: if water inside the cell was ordered and structured and not bulk water or ordinary water as most biochemists and cell biologists think, then it is really important,” Dr. Pollack says.


Please watch the the following videos for more information about WATER.

The Water in Your Cells Give Them Their Negative Charge

“Other inherent differences between regular water and EZ water include its structure. Typical tap water is H2O but this fourth phase is not H2O; it’s actually H3O2. It’s also more viscous, more ordered, and more alkaline than regular water, and its optical properties are different. The refractive index of EZ water is about 10 percent higher than ordinary water. Its density is also about 10 percent higher, and it has a negative charge (negative electrical potential). This may provide the answer as to why human cells are negatively charged. Dr. Pollack explains:”

You can read the article with Dr. Mercola here:



More research about WATER with  MJ Pangman in 2011

MJThe only way many of the properties of water can be explained is by understanding that water has a unique molecular structure. Certain circumstances, discussed in detail in the book, Dancing with Water, encourage water to form a repeating, geometric, molecular pattern where water becomes a liquid crystal.  The video below is from a lecture given by MJ Pangman in 2011 – on understanding the liquid crystalline state of water.

Interesting to note that on page 61 in her book, Black Mica extract is used as a water purifier, restoring its living water attributes ~ this is why we like the Biotite Liquid Crystal Minerals. Oxygenating and purifying in a very easy way, a few drops in one glass does it, it brings the water back to be “structured” H3O2 water that our cells love.

“Much of the water in a healthy human body is in a liquid crystalline/structured state. Many components of the body are also considered to be liquid crystals, including collagen and cell membranes. These tissues work cooperatively with structured water to create an informational network that reaches to every cell. The liquid crystalline organization of the human body accounts for the instantaneous transfer of signals and other biological information.

Healthy DNA is surrounded by structured water. This water is responsible for the DNA’s stability. Structured water is also responsible for supporting the electromagnetic field surrounding DNA. As water loses its crystalline structure (because of age and disease), the integrity of the DNA is often compromised.  Youthful DNA, surrounded by crystalline/structured water, has a much stronger electromagnetic field than DNA from older individuals.

Water’s crystalline structure is based on tetrahedral geometry where oxygen atoms form the center of each tetrahedron.  Under ideal circumstances, as water tetrahedra join together, a repeating hexagonal pattern is generated with oxygen atoms forming the vertices of each hexagon. This is the reason liquid crystalline water has also been referred to as hexagonal water.

dancingwithwaterDancing with Water: The New Science of Water, is a monumental step forward in available literature on water. While satisfying the need for scientific accuracy, the authors have produced a compelling treatise for any reader who is truly interested in understanding the depth of their relationship with water. What do the authors mean when they refer to the New Science of Water? The book explains many of water’s unique properties by examining its liquid crystalline molecular structure.




Published on Aug 3, 2018
“In this exclusive interview Patrick Durkin dialogues with Gina Bria, the co-author of Quench: Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight, and Heal Your Body through the New Science of Optimal Hydration, about why 8 glasses of water a day is not the way.


More evidence that our gardens can have the BEST results by using H3o2 water, it shows how this technology is working. Whether we use devices, Black Mica Themarox or other filters, it is obvious that restructured water does change our water and lives.

The human body is made of water, so it naturally follows that water with more energy in it … will lead to a body with more energy in it. And that is exactly what the results show.

Even with proof showing the increased energy of Structured Water, there will still be those who need more information to understand that Structured Water exists. While the naked eye is unable to distinguish a glass of tap water from a glass of Structured Water, scientists are able to do it.
Dr. Marcel Vogel was a top research scientist for 27 years for IBM. His life’s passion was expressed through the use of scientific instruments. He spent over 1 year of his life focused on experiments to determine or deny the existence of Structured Water. Using Ultra Violet Spectral Photometry he concluded:

  • evidence of structuring in the form of visual bands in the range of 3000-4000 angstrom units
  • Structured Water is different than bulk water including that it stores energy
  • one drop of Structured Water raises the energy level of a container of liquid instantly
  • when water molecules link up in structure, they form a consciousness which is to say that water molecules organize themselves and store information
  • water is the future of medicine as it can be programmed to have desired health giving energies

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