What is H3O2 or EZ structured water?

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What is H3O2 EZ structured water? Why is it important to our understanding about hydration and water purification? Is structured water better to drink rather than bottled or tap water?

Researching WATER has and continues to be an eye opening and jaw dropping experience. We delve into: people suffering from degradation, issues with pollution, water being depleted, droughts and water scarcity that is becoming quite alarming! Please visit our new Face Book Page: For the Love of WATER ~ for recent updates and news about WATER.


In August of 2011, we discovered an Ionic Mineral Solution made from Black Mica, or Biotite. By simply adding a few drops of this amazing substance to water it makes it safe to drink!* The research on this solution continues from many different angles. It is our intention to collect as much data as we can and to share it with as many people as possible.

The purpose of this website is NOT solely to sell products. Rather, we want to educate the public about what we have learned since we started using this method to clean our own water that we drink, bathe and live in every day.

Here we will be exploring the relationship between WATER in our bodies as well as on the planet. We want to share information that we have found while looking for answers to many of the same questions facing us collectively about water. We live in a time where pollution is at dangerous levels, drought on farmlands (food supply shortages) and the abuse of water is becoming more alarming by the day. There are water wars going on in every country and this is a huge concern for everyone. It is reported that only 3% of the water on our planet is drinkable … precious indeed! Desalination at present is too expensive, plus the cost of energy to supply the water would NOT be a practical solution, so what do we do? Continue reading and we’ll show you what we’ve found.

Tell Me More about H3O2 or EZ structured water

It turns out that it’s not so simple as just drinking enough water. We really have to drink the RIGHT water to make a difference to our bodies. Let’s take a good look at water and how important this is to our lives.

body waterWATER. This chart gives a good visual representation of the importance of water (since science indicates  that we are approximately 3/4 water (and that 99% of our cells are made of water molecules). What are we taking into our bodies when we drink “dead” or bulk water? Toxins, poisons and/or pharmaceuticals are common!

The BEST and most relevant research that we know of comes from Dr. Gerald Pollack (University of Washington). He states that most water people drink is H2O or “bulk” water, but the water in our cells and blood is actually H3O2. This means that when you drink ‘bulk’ or ‘dead’ water, your body must use energy to convert it to H3O2 so it can get into your cells. We recommend his video (below and on the Research page). Our intention is to provide a better understanding behind the “science” of it all. It certainly has changed the way we think about water, our health and the future of our world.

Here is the most compelling and informative part to give you a better understanding about H3O2 or EZ structured water (by Gerald Pollack)

“Conventional science says that water is just H2O and can exist in 3 phases or states, ie. liquid, gas (water vapor) and solid (ice). Recent science says that water can be in a fourth phase or state and that is H3O2. This fourth phase is called the exclusion zone (EZ) because this water excludes things profoundly, including small molecules (eg. toxins)”. The science of the EZ water is discussed in detail in a book titled “The Fourth Phase of Water” by Gerald Pollock. This water occurs in nature with rain, deep waters (groundwater or deep spring water), pristine river water, and as the cell water of all life. This water has a negative voltage (mV)/charge and therefore all cell water has a negative voltage.

“The H3O2 water is biologically vital or life-affirming. This notion has been the center piece of scientific study by the following: Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Boris Derjaguin (physical chemistry of colloids and surfaces), Dr. Martin Chaplin (structure, function, behaviour and properties of liquid water), Dr. Mae – Wan Ho (states of water), Gerald Pollack (EZ water) and many others associated with water science including Viktor Schauberger (the vortex science) and Dr Richard Freynmen (negative charge of the earth). This science gave rise to many terms associated with the fourth phase of water. These include; living water, living energies, structured water, energized water, activated water, exclusion zone (EZ) water, etc. All of these terms acknowledge the amazing anomalous properties of water, including how negative voltage water is the basis of healing. Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi famously said that ‘… life is water dancing to the tune of molecules.’

Here are some other areas  we address on this website concerning the uses of water:

  • Plastic water bottles; purity content, landfills and waste
  • Air pollution and it’s affect on rain water; lawns, gardens, children, pets and our ground water supply
  • Water waste without thought of where it comes from or goes to ~ awareness tips
  • Top soil and commercial farming using toxic pesticides, waste
  • seeping into ground water and ways to “clean” fruits and vegetables easily
  • Water sewage plants, new technologies to recycle water for drinking, and desalination projects

save-waterWe look forward to sharing more of our findings, please email us if you have suggestions concerning water; tips, relevant sites or ideas.

Thank you sincerely ~ *TEAM Star Savoy Alexander & Star Alexander star@H3O2water.com

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