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fresh pure waterFor the Love of Water is devoted and committed to raising the AWARENESS about what is going on with water on our planet, how we misuse the gifts of water by wasting it and the future of our water supply.  Our intention is to LOVE water enough that we bless it when we drink, bathe or play in it … to respect the “living water” that gives us life. Structured H3o2 water is alive with oxygen and ionic minerals, as Nature had intended; to help all life be healthy, thriving and robust!

Most of us don’t realize what a blessing clean, fresh, LIVING water is. Not flat (like distilled or boiled), but with a … a sort of Light to it. It’s hard to explain to people who haven’t tasted the difference.

Thank you for this opportunity to share the beauty that we see and we hope you share with each other how precious the gift of water truly is, we cannot live without it. The more we know, the more we can share with others.


The Plastic Age: A Documentary feat. Pharrell Williams

“We all talk about the Stone Age, the Iron Age and the Bronze Age, but what era are we living in right now? People are starting to refer to us as the – far less romantic – Plastic Age. We make 288 million tonnes of plastic a year, and unlike paper, metal, glass or wood, it does not oxidise or biodegrade, instead it ends up in our oceans, making the ratio of plastic to plankton 100:1. The way to make use of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Bionic yarn. Co-designed by Pharrell, G-Star’s RAW for the Oceans collection is the world’s first denim line created from plastic that has been fished out of the big blue and recycled. Find out how we can pick 700,000 tonnes of plastic up off the sea floor in our documentary, made possible by G-Star, The Plastic Age.”


Published on Apr 22, 2015

Historian John Gurda explores how the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan spurred Milwaukee’s growth. The settlers used rivers and Lake Michigan to transport grain, lumber, leather and beer, but water was just as important for play as it was for work. Gurda explains how the Milwaukee River became a destination for fun. Learn how the lower Milwaukee River was eventually reduced to an open sewer by 1900, with Lake Michigan suffering similar indignities. Only in recent decades have the currents turned for the better. From the Milwaukee River Greenway to the reborn Menomonee Valley to the cultural theme park on our downtown lakefront, the patterns of the past are being reversed, providing cause for celebration as well as concern.


Published on Oct 10, 2014
Join filmmaker Pete McBride, a National Geographic Freshwater Hero, on a journey into the Fijian Highlands to discover why the locals said “no” to easy money from resource extraction, and how they turned to tourism to fund a conservation area that protects one of the most beautiful rivers on Earth.



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